The 18 Siddhars

There are 18 siddhars in the tamil siddha tradition. Each of the siddhars had lived in varied places under different names. The following are most common names of the 18 siddhars. They are listed in the order of their time period.

The Other Siddhars

Apart from the 18 siddhars given above, there are also other siddhars. It is possible that the siddhars given below are the same siddhars (the 18 siddhars), but under different name. They might also be the disciples of the siddhars, who by the process 'Transmigration of Souls' became the one and same as the Guru himself. Only a true Siddha Yogi shall do any classification with full confidence.

Table of 18 Siddhars

Sl. No Name of the Siddhar Tamil month of Birth Tamil Birth Star Duration of Life Place of Samadhi
1 Sri Pathanjali Panguni Moolam 5 Yugas 7 Days Rameswaram
2 Sri Agasthiar Markazhi Aayilyam 4 Yugas 48 Days Thiruvananthapuram
3 Sri Kamalamuni Vaikasi Poosam 4000 Years 48 Days Thiruvarur
4 Sri Thirumoolar Purattathi Avittam 3000 Years 13 Days Chidambaram
5 Sri Kuthambai Aadi Visagam 1800 Years 16 Days Mayavaram
6 Sri Korakkar Karthigai Aayilyam 880 Years 11 Days Perur
7 Sri Thanvandri Iyppasi Punarpoosam 800 Years 32 Days Vaideeswarankoil
8 Sri Sundaranandar Aavani Revathi 800 Years 28 Days Madurai
9 Sri Konganar Chitthirai Utthiradam 800 Years 16 Days Titupathi
10 Sri Sattamuni Aavani Mrigasirisham 800 Years 14 Days Thiruvarangam
11 Sri Vaanmeegar / Valmiki Purattasi Anusham 700 Years 32 Days Ettukudi
12 Sri Ramadevar Masi Pooram 700 Years 06 Days Azhagarmalai
13 Sri Nandeeswarar Vaikasi Visagam 700 Years 03 Days Kasi
14 Sri Edaikkadar Purattasi Thiruvadirai 600 Years 18 Days Tiruvannamalai
15 Sri Machamuni Aadi Rohini 300 Years 62 Days Thiruparankundram
16 Sri Karuvoorar Chitthirai Hastham 300 Years 42 Days Karuvur
17 Sri Bogar Vaikasi Bharani 300 Years 18 Days Pazhani
18 Sri Pambatti Karthigai Mrigasirisham 123 Years 14 Days Sankarankoil