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Sri Sundaranandar Siddhar

Sri Sundaranandar is the disciple of siddhar Sattamuni. It is believed that he got the Siva Linga of siddhar Agastiar, established it in Saduragiri and worshipped it.

Saduragiri Sundara Mahalingam temple comes under the Thaniparai area of Saptur reserve forests in Tamil Nadu. It is located in Watrap, Viruthunagar district. Srivilliputtur is the big city located near Saduragiri. For thousands of years, realized sages and siddhars lived there worshipping the Siva Linga called " Sundara Mahalingam ". " Sundaram " means, the handsome One, " Maha " means great and lingam means " Siva, the Supreme Self ". This mountain shrine is a considered as a dwelling place of siddhars. This can also be attributed to the numerous medicinal plants available in the Saduragiri Mountains . There is also a cave called " Thavasi Parai " in Saduragiri. Sundaranandar and his Guru Sattamuni lived there.

Siddhar Bogar sings about Sundaranandar in songs 5828 and 5829 in his book " Bogar 7000 ". He says that Sundarandar was an expert in space travel and samadhi yoga. In songs 5920 and 5921, Bogar gives the following information. Sundaranandar was born on the Tamil month of Aavani (August - September) on the star Revathi (3 rd part). He is the grand son of Navakanda Rishi living in the Kishkinta hills and that he belonged to Agamudayar (Thevar) class.

However, siddhar Karuvoorar in his song 582, says that Sundaranandar belongs to Reddy class. Siddhar Agasthiar in his book " Amudha Kalai Gyanam " also says that Sundaranandar is a Reddy in song 218. Sundaranandar attained his samadhi at Madurai .

The following are the books of Sundaranandar.


  • Sundaranandar Vaithiya Thirattu 1500
  • Sundaranandar Vaithya Kaviyam 1000
  • Sundaranandar Merpadi Suthiram 500
  • Sundaranandar Vagaram 200
  • Sundaranandar Aathetha Suthiram 104
  • Sundaranandar Vatha Suthiram 100
  • Sundaranandar Visha Nivarani 100
  • Sundaranandar Vakiya Suthiram 66
  • Sundaranandar Kesari 55
  • Sundaranandar Suttha Gyanam 51
  • Sundaranandar Thitchavithi 50
  • Sundaranandar Thandagam 47
  • Sundaranandar Kesari Poojavithi 37
  • Sundaranandar Athisaya Karanam 36
  • Sundaranandar Sivayoga Gyanam 32
  • Sundaranandar Muppu 25
  • Sundaranandar Sivagyana Botham 16