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Sri Vaanmeegar's birth star is Anusham in the Tamil month of Purattasi (September-October). There is an argument that the Valmiki who wrote Valmiki Ramayana is different from the siddhar Vaanmeegar of the south. However, siddhar Bogar in his script "Bogar 7000" proclaims that they are one and the same. He says that Vaanmeegar is the name of the siddhar who wrote Valmiki Ramayana in song (verse) number 5834. He makes a clear distinction between the names Vaanmeegar and Valmiki.

Further, in his next song (verse number 5835), Bogar says that Vaanmeegar's age is 700 and some odd days. He also says that he is a learned scholar in Tamil language. He also makes a reference about his samadhi. This author is not able to understand the exact meaning of the second part of that song.

It is also said that Sri Vaanmeegar alias Valmiki wrote the epic Ramaya on getting the spiritual knowledge from Narada. Sri Vaanmeegar's samadhi is located at Ettukudi in Tamil Nadu.